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Women Cosmetics

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Women Cosmetics



To every face treatment the eyebrow plucking and colouring, moustache hair removal and eyelash tinting is FREE!





Rejuvenating treatments over 30 

Aim: to prevent aging and to preserve youth for as long as possible. We must protect our skin from harmful effects, which lead to the premature aging of the skin. Also, we must preserve its youthful appearance. The substances used in our face treatments serve these purposes reinforcing each other.


Rejuvenating, moisturizing treatment: 60 min Results: the skin becomes cleaner and moister, and wrinkles are reduced.


Special rejuvenating algae mask: 60 min Result: the skin becomes smoother, firmer, the superficial wrinkles are reduced and make-up becomes more lasting.


Treatments to normalize sebum production / Treatments for problematic skin


Aim: Cleansingsalon-diva-nöi-kozmetika2


Warming-up, cleansing treatment: 60 min

Dermabrasion, cleansing treatment: 90 min


Special cleansing treatment with dermabrasionand algae mask: 90 min

Basic treatment for teenagers: 50 min


Anti-wrinkle treatments over 40salon-diva-noi-kozmetika3


Aim: to rebuild the skin structure, and reduce the depth of already existing wrinkles.


Caviar anti-wrinkle – skin replenishing treatment: 75 min


Caviar nourishing treatment: 75 min


Sensitive rosacea skin treatment

Irrespective of the skin type – dry, oily or combined – your skin could be sensitive. This sensitivity has two types: occasional or permanent. Whatever it is caused by, the skin becomes tight, prone to inflammation, so it suffers. You feel that you cannot take it any longer, and what is more, this condition is becoming worse and worse due to the damage your skin suffers day by day.


In order to provide treatment for your skin, help comes from the delicate, but effective MATIS series.


Intensive, soothing treatment: 60 min Relaxing, replenishing massage especially for sensitive skin.


Special algae mask for sensitive skin: 60 min Immediate result: the moisture of the skin improves, irritation and redness disappear.

Age-spot fading and whitening treatment: 70 min 
Aim: to fade the already existing liver-spots and to prevent their appearance.


Special sea salt-oil treatment: 60 min Relaxing, replenishing and moisturizing treatment for every skin type.


Back cleansing treatment: 60 min







Microdermabrasion is a manual exfoliating procedure that gives you the possibility for a youthful-looking skin.


This treatment can be applied for all types of skin, it is not unpleasant, not painful, and the results are visible immediately. During the treatment the uppermost layers of the skin cells are removed, and as a result your skin becomes more active to replace the old cells with new, healthy skin cells.


These cells move upwards and replace the damaged tissues step by step. The skin becomes incredibly permeable by sanding the dry upper layer. Thus, the medicinal creams and lotions are more effective because more of their active ingredients and moisture can find their way down to the lower layers of the skin. With the help of this procedure, some of the skin's minor visible imperfections, like age-spots, and fine lines, are removed effectively and in a safe way, because with the other peeling methods the depth of peeling cannot be controlled.


The beneficial result of the treatment can be seen and felt even after the first occasion, but 5-6 treatments every 1-2 weeks are necessary to achieve better salon-diva-mikrodermabrázio1and long-lasting results. The effects of the treatment can be enhanced by combining special ingredients tested especially for this kind of treatment. During the treatment, after the sanding, moisturizers are applied to the skin to enhance the regeneration of the skin cells. In case of increased pigmentation, special ingredients are used to decrease the melanin production in the skin. 


Microdermabrasion, complemented with other cosmetic treatments, has become one of the most effective cosmetic methods.


Applied in the following cases:
Atrophy, hyperkeratosis, pigmentation disorders, age-spots, scars (e.g. from injuries, surgical scars both on the face and body), sun damage, matte and lifeless skin due to smoking, body treatment, stretch marks, cellulite, keratotic and problematic skin.


Dermabrasion - disinfection - mask: 50 min


Dermabrasion with cleansing-nourishing treatment: 90 min


Mesotherapy without needlessalon-diva-tu-nelkuli-mezo


Mesotheraphy treatments on the face provide anti-aging benefits and firm, youthful-looking skin:


In the course of years, unfortunately, our skin loses its elasticity and firmness, it starts to sag, becomes inflexible and fine lines appear. 
One of the reasons for this is that the substances that ensure the youthful look of the skin, e.g. hyaluronic acid and vitamins are not produced in proper quantities.


During mesotherapy without needles we have rejuvenating, firming anti-aging antioxidants get directly to the cells. The wrinkles are reduced and fade. Electroporation, also known as mesotherapy without needles (virtual mesotherapy)


Electroporation is a technology (virtual mesotherapy) which has been developed to enable the absorption of active ingredients through the upper layers of the skin, using radio frequency and high-voltage electromagnetic waves.


Mesotherapy can excellently be applied in the following cases:


- Refreshening and firming of the face skin - Mimic wrinkles - Acne scars - Localized fat reduction - Cellulite - Stretch marks - Saggy skin - Treatments before and after plastic surgery - Breast firming - Face and neck firming - Anti-aging treatment - Hyperpigmentation - Keloid scars




Skin firming and rejuvenating treatments between 30-40: 90 min Complete treatment: 4-6 sessions /one per week/salon-diva-tu-nelkuli-mezoterápia


Rejuvenating, replenishing anti-wrinkle treatment over 45: 90 min Complete treatment: 6-10 sessions /one per week/


Whitening / age-spot fading treatment: 90 min


Treatment of problematic / acne skin: 90 min


Mesotherapy without needles /ECLERIS by USA/


Professional cosmetic treatments in friendly atmosphere!