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A pleasant massage guarantees relaxation and a better general state of health.





In this way the massage, together with other cosmetic procedures creates a balance between outer and inner beauty.

Both body and soul are refreshed and replenished.

Massage has powerful effects on physiological functions of the body, positively influences metabolism, secretion, blood circulation, and breathing, thus speeding up the removal and drainage of toxic materials. Through its effect on the central nervous system, massage reduces or stops fatigue, and relieves stress and tension.

In our beauty salon you can choose from the following 
types of massage:



Face and neckline massage: 30 min

It’s a slow, relaxing form of massage involving the face, neck and neckline. It relieves the tension of the nervous system, so it has a soothing effect.



Face, neckline, arm and head massage: 50 min

It’s a slow, relaxing form of massage involving the face, neck, neckline, arm and head.  It relieves the tension of the nervous system, and has a skin firming effect



Back massage: 30 min

It’s a classical type of massage aiming at the upper layer of the muscles, with the difference that it is applied only on the back.



Full body massage: 60 min

During the massage the painful, stiff, spastic muscles relax, the knots loosen up, the blood flow in the brain improves. Massage strengthens the immune system, reduces stress, and by stress reduction, it helps to normalize hormone levels.



When the body is touched during massage, as a result of the direct mechanical stimuli, the skin becomes rejuvenated, flexible, firm, full of life, refreshed and cleansed.The physical contact is pleasant and gives you the feeling of being cared for, and because of this you feel more independent and happier.These feelings stimulate the central nervous system, which triggers the hormone system resulting in an increased production of endorphin.The endorphin, generally known as happiness hormone, has a painkilling effect, soothes your nerves and strengthens your immune system.The substances used in creams and oils applied during massage further enhance these effects.

Pamper your body 
with a good massage!!!