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Make Up

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Make Up



For centuries both women and men have been enjoying the beneficial effects of make-up.



Nowadays organic and mineral make-up products 
are gaining ground, which consist of natural, organic and mineral ingredients.

We offer a wide range of make-up services to our customers:



-daily make-upsalon-diva-nöi-simk3

-evening make-up

-wedding make-up

-party make-up

-extreme make-up

-camera-ready make-up







During my work I use only professional products, taking my customers’ requests and skin type into consideration.



The well-selected make-up can work wonders!






At work


Individual make-up lesson “How to apply your make-up”: 90 min




Our customers can acquire the skills of applying the proper make-up suitable for their own skin and style.

-choosing the foundation
-daily make-up
-occasional make-up

-individually tailored make-up tips

-assembling an individually tailored make-up kit




The professional make-up products used during the individual make-up lesson are provided by our beauty centre.



Also, these products can be purchased in our salon!




Glitter tattooing




Glitter tattoos can emphasize the beauty of your body both on weekdays and occasions!

The glittering motifs can adorn your body for 1-2 weeks.



They are water and sweat resistant, so you can have a shower, go swimming or do sports while wearing them.