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For mothers-to-be

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For mothers-to-be



Beauty treatment for mothers-to-be:


 Planning or having a baby causes efficient body, physical and mental changes so it also needs special attention in the fields of beauty treatment.

During these periods we divide the treatments into 3 groups.

In the first third part of the pregnancy , hormons cause plenty of mental and physical changes all at once.

Tiny ,purulent pimples are typical symptoms on the forehead and in the hair-root. These need special cosmetic treatments and treatments at home.

The body needs to be ready for the increasing of its capacity.

In the middle of the first trimester (the first 3 months of pregnancy) we have to avoid the formation of the liver-spot.

In the second part of the pregnancy cosmetic face-décolletage treatment has beneficial results. The skin can dry out because of the huge amount of estrogen produced by the body/organism so we have to pay extra attention for hydratation and also body-water needs to be kept back.

Bodymassage is efficient against keeping body-water back.

Those who had not done this must use a special cream against stria (stripped skin) in this period of pregnancy and also a special oil to soften the perineum.


In the third part of the pregnancy extra kilos/weights are starting to pull the backbone and also the blood-vessels are „loaded”.The baby needs a bigger space in the abdominal cavity and the mother can’t sleep.

It is not suprising that exhaustion and the trouble with heavy legs are everyday problems.

In this period the skin, the body and the face-skin have to be prepared. The time of childbirth is drawing near. The time of depilation needs to be planned.

In the last third-part of the pregnancy we have to be aware of the thing , that treating our skin will be harder after childbirth.

Unfortunately hormon changes can cause big suprises after childbirth.

In this case we should ask for efficient help from our cosmetician about home-treatment.