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For Children

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For Children


It is proved that massage has good affects on children’s body/organism. 

During children’s massage, kids also learn how to relax. During the development of the kids, positive changes are attainable by using massage. It has good affects on the function of all organs.



The aim of children’s massage:salon-diva-szolgaltatas-gyermekek-masszázs2



It simulates the nerve system

helps to avoid defective bearing

helps to improve the protective system of children’s body/organism

helps digestion

increases blood circulation and lymphatic system



Massage has good affects on movement cordination, develops mental and body/organism system, and helps to avoid tense mood.



Treatment is recommended from the age of 4-5.

It cannot be used in case of heart disease, having a cold or high temperature.


 During children’s massage, kids also learn how to relax.