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Body Treatments

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Body Treatments



Body Care, Slimming and Cellulite treatments







Cellulite – orange-peel skin

Cellulite is a kind of fat tissue that unlike normal fat tissues is very difficult to get rid of. It is a localized deposit of fat,

water and waste materials.

Causes of cellulite:


water retention

      the special structure of the female connective tissue

      hormonal activity/especially oestrogen/, for example during puberty, pregnancy or hormonal treatments

However, cellulite is mainly caused by unhealthy lifestyle and diet, genetics, and inactivity.

The phases of cellulite build-up:

1. the cellulite is not yet visible

2. when the water starts to accumulate and the small bumps start to become visible and tangible 

3. the built-up fluid starts to clog, the bumps thicken and cellulite dimples appear

Getting rid of cellulite:

1. Leading a healthy lifestyle: healthy diet, 2-3 litres of liquid per day, sport

2. Cosmetic treatments


Its effect is clinically proven!

Two brand-new active ingredients

have been built into the treatment:

REDULITE – the elderberry extract and glyceryl polyacrylate gel prevents water retention and reduces the thickness of the fat layer.

      PHYCO 75 LAMINARIA DIGITATA algae stimulates those substances which are responsible for the breakdown of fats and the metabolism of cells in the adipocytes.

Lipo-detox Treatment: 60 min

For the treatment at home: - special tights and lipo-detox-finish product



Peel off Drainage body mask





Drainage and detoxification
Powerful detoxification and preparation for further treatments.

Treatment with massage: 120 min









Algae and sea mud masksalon-diva-testkezelések-iszap-pakolás



- to replace the lost minerals

- to drain water and secrete toxic materials

- to break down fat

- to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles

Treatment: 60 min



Suggested 15-day intensive treatment plan:

1st day – Peel off drainage masksalon-diva-testkezelés2
2nd day – Lipo-detox treatment
3rd day - Lipo-detox treatment
4th day – Body-wrapping
5th day - Lipo-detox treatment
6th day –Lipo-detox treatment 
7th day – Algae and sea mud mask
8th day – Lipo-detox treatment
9th day – Lipo-detox treatment 
10th day – Massage
11th day – Lipo-detox treatment
12th day – Lipo-detox treatmnet
13th day – Lipo-detox treatment
14th day – Peel-off drainage treatment
15th day – Massage




Slim, well-shaped body without cellulite!